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Back in 2012, a few friends got together at a Kaneohe Starbucks. Taken by an idea, with the help of some hand-cut index cards, pens, a highlighter, and an appreciation for the local culture of Hawai’i nei, Ulus 2 Ulus was born!

The more we played the game, the more it began to evolve before our eyes. People, Hawai'i-born or not, identified with this unique mix of chop-suey words and phrases. We realized it was more than just silly jokes on cards, but an encapsulation of local culture. And whether it's the "Redondo's" card igniting nostalgia, or the "cane fields" card sparking an educational conversation between a local and a visitor, the game is proving to be a light-hearted and fun way of connecting people to culture and people to people. 

Team Ulus will be working to expand on U2U (with expansion packs and whatnot), but we're also looking to take this idea of connecting people to each other upon local culture BEYOND just the game. Stay tuned.

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