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Da original U2U Basic Deck, but in one fancy engraved wooden box! Mo' bettah fo' display on da coffee table or match wit' da wooden clock on your wooden shelf wit' your wooden picture frames! Insai get da 460 cards, but dey now supah protected from da elements, so no worry if you spill your Heineken on top (but you prob still need wipe 'um good), dis deck going still be CHERREH! 

Great kine makana for dat one friend or family membah get dat stay small kine high maks, but still get good sense of humor and like speak pidgin! 

(Boxes are made from Black Walnut wood and like any natural product, wood grain and color will vary)

Only get limited numbah of deez decks and once dey pau, dey PAU!

LIMITED EDITION: U2U Basic Deck in La’au

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