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huli ā 'uli is a word & phrase guessing game app made wit' all local kine tings! try to get your friend fo' guess da word on da screen wit' hints, actions, or watevah, just no say da word itself! huli da phone forward if dey guess ʻum or ʻuli da buggah fo' skip to da next word! played wit' two people or on fat group of 50, dis game garanz one good time!

how fo' get

currently available for download on the apple store! android version will be available soon!

submit a word!

get one word suggestion fo' da app dat you tink can add to da game? input it hea! we no can garantee it going make ʻum in da game, (quality control kine tings), but we fo' shua going considah all proposals!

majalozzz fo' da suggestion!

how fo' play

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